Hair. We all have it. Whether it’s thin, thick, curly or straight, frizzy or flat it can be a pain. With the summer almost over and the Autumnal weather setting in, the temperature changes and change in seasons can play havoc with our barnets.

There is such a huge array of products on the market to help relieve our hair woes and tame the frizz it is often hard to find the champion of products. I have tried and tested the very best of hair products to tame, perfect and revolutionise your hair routine.

Vita Coconut Oil - image low-res

1. For hair vulnerable to the frizz, Vita Coco Coconut oil is the perfect natural solution to lock in moisture and tame flyaways. For a natural smooth look and to help calm frizz, rub a penny sized amount of oil into your palms and pull through the ends of your hair for a sleek and shiny appearance. The oil can also be used as a conditioning hair mask. Simly distribute the oil all over and leave for an hour before you shampoo. With a deliciously coconutty aroma it is good enough to eat (really, you can!) 250ml £5.99

Chill Ed Protect

2. Chill*’s Ed Protect is the staple product to include in your haircare kit. It is a multipurpose leave-in hair and scalp treatment. This means no worrying about applying product, waiting for it to work and washing it out again. The answer to all your hair problems in one bottle Ed Protect, protects, detangles and repairs, leaving my hair feeling and looking extraordinarily shiny. Suitable for all hair types, it really is a haircare essential. 200ml £11.99

henara hair product

3. Formulated specially for us brunettes, the Henara brunette shampoo and conditioner is the perfect product to protect coloured hair, while being kind to our pockets. For only £1.49, this product contains Henna and Walnut extracts that natural enhance the colour of the hair. Proteins that are present in Walnut oil are believed to enhance colour by bringing out natural highlghts, while strengthening hair follicles. After use, my hair felt healthy, strong and shiny.
Available from Savers. £1.49


4. For a natural, innovative hair mask which is petrolatum free, silicon free, paraben free, colorant and allergen free then Insight Hair Mask is the product for you. As part of a larger range of haircare products, the mask stands out as the hero productive. The mask is extremely nourishing, its organic oat extract, coconut oil and almond oil have such a softening, nourishing and restructuring effect. The ends of my hair, which are often exposed to intense heat, felt noticeably soft after just one use. £6


5. A major part and often the most time consuming part of any haircare routine is battling the tangles that seem to completely take over wet hair. USA’s number 1 hairbrush, Wet Brush, is the perfect hairbrush if you are a victim of wet hair tangles like me. With perfectly spaced plastic bristles and a gentle bounce in the cushion of the brush, it effectively removes tangles while reducing the damage of the hair. £11.99