X Factor diva Tulisa opened up to Glamour Magazine, revealing how she is a “selfish” and a “jealous” girlfriend when it comes to her N-Dubz bandmate Fazer.

The ‘female boss’ explained: “I get jealous. If he’s seeing his girl mates, I want to know them. I say, ‘what friend? You don’t need female friends. Why didn’t I know her before? Introduce me. Let’s go out for dinner’.”

“I don’t stand for any sh*te… I’m selfish. I’m very ­stubborn. I never back down and I’m possessive.”

She continued: “If you fight me, I’m a raging bull. If you work with me, I’m good at that. And I’m very snugly. As he always says, ‘one minute I’m a puppy dog, the next I’m the ice queen’.”

Although she might turn into a ‘raging bull’, the singer and judge said she does have a softer side: “But I’m very accommodating. If he has a problem we talk about what we can do to fix it.”

Tulisa previously refused to speak about her relationship with her band mate; so things must be getting serious between the two…