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Popular Caribbean restaurant Turtle Bay has launched in Dalston and is now open for business.

Unlike the other restaurant reviews on Flavourmag, upon visiting Turtle Bay in Dalston, we decided to host a Flavourmag Food Challenge and the generous folks at Turtle Bay were happy to oblige.

The idea was simple. Which team member will be able to eat the most from their scrumptious menu…

The food Challenge Team pictured below

The team was as follows, top left – Flavourmag’s beauty editor Tilly Li, top right – Flavourmag staff writer Vanessa Carby, bottom left – friend of Flavourmag Sarah Milad, bottom right – Flavourmag founder Leonard W Foster.

At the beginning everyone assumed it would be Leonard who would take the crown with either Vanessa or Sarah coming in at a close 2nd, however Tilly Li was the wild card and on the night and came in 3rd place of the food challenge.

So who won? All will be revealed.

Our menu for the Flavourmag food challenge consisted of:

Sweet Corn Fritters

Spring onion, coriander, scotch bonnet & sweet corn mixed together with a dash of West Indian hot sauce.

Hot hot Pepper Roti
Trini-style oven baked roti stuffed with shredded cheese, carrots, potatoes & onion. Served with scotch bonnet & herb mayo

Jerk Chicken

24 hour marinated & grilled, with sour orange chutney & coconut shavings

Jerk Ribs
Grilled spice marinated pork ribs with a honey BBQ glaze & sour orange chutney

Double Dipped Steak
Grilled jerk marinated beef steak, cooked to your liking & served with green seasoning & sweet onion chutney.

Turtle Bay’s menu is pretty close to perfection. The popular Caribbean chain serves a menu that even the most hard nosed Caribbean will enjoy, and for those of us that haven’t experienced Caribbean cuisine can explore.

Everything on the menu is self explanatory and easy to read. The hardest thing on the menu is choosing what to eat. We suggest a few visit to get abreast of the delights they have to offer.

The scenery is awesome too. Caribbean graffiti reminisent of Jamaica will engolf you on arrival. For those the know and love reggae music you will historic based images on the walls of the venue.

Top this up with an array of trendy Caribbean themed cocktails and for a moment or two you might just forgot that you are in London – Dalston.

Our cocktails of choice for the Flavourmag food challenge was the PASSION RUM PUNCH (Dark rum & Passoa, fresh passion fruit, orange juice & lemon) and REGGAE RUM PUNCH (126 proof Wray & Nephew & strawberry liqueur, fresh lime, orange & pineapple).

We was also surprised and excited when we noticed the RUM TASTING BOARD (Choice of any 4 rums & a can of Ting) which was a perfect way to sample some of the amazing rum’s Turtle Bay Dalston has to offer.

So onto the competition. With the food served and enough fighting talk from each member to fill a book of poems, it was onto the Flavourmag Food Challenge.

We dined, we ate, we laughed, we drank until Leonard decided he has reached his limit… WTF? Leonard beaten by the girls? Will he ever live this down??

The next (wo)Man to fall was Tilly Li. Looking like she was having a hot flush, Tilly Li the wildcard done pretty well, also due to the fact that she randomly has an extra rack of ribs on her plate, we have to raise a glass for her bold effort.

And the winner is…?

Vanessa (the beast) Carby came out on top. This monster of a women had a game plan. While we all ate and left our bones on the plate, Vanessa move her finishings onto a separate plate. This made her plate of food look smaller and smaller with every bit, in comparison to our plates which constantly looked full.

Sarah Milad almost take it to the wire but in the end had to concede to the victorious winner Vanessa. If we all took another bite, Vanessa would also take another bite, just to make sure we had no way of even getting close.

A few bites later and a whole lot of rum, tweets and instagram pics it was time to crown Vanessa the winner of the Flavourmag Food Challenge.

While we where tweeting, music Super Producer MNEK retweeted saying, he wants to cry tears of joy referring to the news of Turtle Bay arriving in Dalston.

Shortly after The Voice finalist Becky Hill followed with

The staff on the night was lovely.

Sarah says, Fantastic selection of food & drinks and nothing but good vibrations from staff. Dalston’s new culinary treat.

Vanessa says, Turtle Bay Dalston’s warm Caribbean welcome, vibrant surroundings and rhythmic soundtrack enhanced what was a mind blowing and varied menu. I came for the soul food and cocktails but stayed for the easy going vibes… Definitely an experience I won’t forget in a hurry.

And we even managed to get the duty manager Emily to take a photo with these special £20 off VIP Vouchers which we are giving away.

For your chance to receive a voucher, simply email with your full name and address and be sure to write ‘Turtle Bay’ in the subject header.

Winners will be chosen at random on the 10th May. Good Luck!

Visit to book your table now , you will not regret it.