A round up of the weeks most flavoursome tweets. Who’s letting it all out and who’s slating who. Let the tweets commence!

1. Abit of advice to giggs fans. Don’t go there!
anyone who tweets me stuff like’if u dnt follow me i’ll unfollow u’shall be blocked instantly for bein a wimp (sn1giggs)

2. Jay Sean’s mum is certainly down in the world of social networking.
Shout out to my mum who’s following me on twitter now!!!! That means I can’t say f#*k, sh#t, bollo*#s, bit*h…oh well! Love u mum!! (jaysean)

3. Looks like Loick Essien’s hectic life has got him love drunk.
I Just Remembered I Got A Show Today looool Wow That Could Of Been A Situation (LoickEssien)

4. Ciara adds Chris Brown’s new album to her goodies list.
I have to say everytime i hear a new @chrisbrown song on the radio, it makes me excited to get the F.A.M.E lp! Just simply#lovinggoodmusic (ciara)

5. And Devlin runs, runs, runs away.
“I’m cleaning out the nutters” (DevlinOfficial)

6. Pitbull forgets about his hotel room service.
I’m NOT a Latino Rapper!… I’m a LATINO who Happens to Rap!!! I MAKE MUSIC FOR YOU… PARA EL MUNDO!!!! Daleeeeee (PlanetPit)

7. We’re very glad to hear that jen!
Some people are asking me why I don’t talk to Marc on twitter. Thats because he is NOT on Twitter…. YET!!!! (JLo)

8. This has got to be the best Drake has ever had.
I got a party with bill clinton on Thursday. (drakkardnoir)

9. Sweets everyday means that it’s Scorcher’s time.
When I was a lickle man I used to dream I could buy more sweets than I could eat . . . . . then I grew up and bought sweets everyday since (scorcherslife)

10. At last, Katy Perry is living the teenage dream.
Slept over 10 hours…I feel like a zombie..Time to get on that elliptical! Should I juice or CHEAT & have a STARBUCKS?!#popstarproblems L (katyperry)

By Melek Derebeyli