A round up of the weeks most flavoursome tweets. Who’s getting frisky and who’s making big moves. Let the tweets commence!

1. Juggling both his music career and education is a lot. What a champ!
September I want to start going to University… I know it’s the right decision. (Chipmunk)

2. Katy B you can cut the broken record now.
Just signed 1000 copies of my album… Wow, my hands hurting (KatyBmusic)

3. J Cole reveals his plans to hit it in the morning.
“What’s up Momma.. Yes, I’m goin out with Rihanna” (JColeNC)

4. Tulisa N-Dubz swears that the perfume will evolve her N-Dubletts into the female boss.
So it’s finally confirmed! I will be releasing my own fragrance! It’s called the female boss, by tulisa, once it’s on u become the female boss haha (officialtulisa)

5. Like you. Sugar and fast food got nothin’ on you B.o.B.
So what makes something a drug: Addictive?, like sugar and fast food? (bobatl)

6. Ashley Walters must have more than 21 seconds to go then.
Black man, so its black man time. If you tell me half eight, I’m there at nine! (AshleyWalters82)

7. We’d definitely like to come into your room Nathan.
I’ve GOT a Cinema in my hotel room!!! PEAK!!! YURR!!!! (StarboyNathan)

8. Over here Bashy!
Imma gonna jump in the whip pick a destination, go there & chill for the day & think… (Bashy)

9. Looks like Mumzy Stranger’s looking for someone to fly with him.
Feel like going to the beach! Who wants to go? 🙂 (MumzyStranger)

10. Birthday Sex part 2 is on the cards for Jeremih.
#sexforbreakfast (Jeremih)

By Melek Derebeyli