A round up of the weeks most flavoursome tweets. Who’s making a stand and who’s setting the record straight. Let the tweets commence!

1. Let’s hope Soulja Boy kept his LOL smiley face on.
Just ordered some food and dude freaked out when i opened the door haha “omg soulja boy i know you get this all the time” droppin shit (SouljaBoy)

2. Looks like Fugative’s crush on redheads are out the window.
What’s with all the chicks and the Red hair?… Cherri V & Rihanna did that long ago lol #Fb (Fugative)

3. Underrated is a possibility for Bobby V, but surely not anonymous?!
Rather be underrated than overrated! (BobbyV)

4. Akon demands a change in society right na na na!
Why is There is So Much Stress in Life? It’s Because We Focus Too Much On Improving Our Lifestyle Rather Than Our ‘LIFE’..! (Akon)

5. Cairo (Encore) this has gotta be a wind up!
On the bus switchin sim cards between 2 nokia’s from the 2001 range.. #ghetto (CaiRoBot)

6. Noel Clarke has a ‘are you dizzy blood’ moment.
Lots of people “Tying” me to a film, even though I’ve Knot even mentioned it. Odd. (NoelClarke)

7. Usher gets caught up in the debate surrounding the change in the rnb music scene.
I’m not being funny but…what’s happen to R&B? (UsherRaymondIV)

8. Fazer reminds us that by messing with N-Dubz, you’re playing with fire.
Jus so u know!! Dappy got all his jewels bak!! Big man ting! No snitching! Lmao! (ndubz)

9. All Chris Brown see’s is beautiful people, his fans.
When you have to grow up in front of the world it’s very hard to be perfect! I love all my fans and I hope my music inspires you! (chrisbrown)

10. Hopefully Ny doesn’t get too field sick.
Going to the Emirates later to watch the football, first time I’ve been to a match! (Nyofficial)

By Melek Derebeyli