A round up of the weeks most flavoursome tweets. Who’s been out and about and who’s spreading the love. Let the tweets commence!

1. Mr Hudson plans to be forever young.
Spent the morning tryna handle my biz. I have the numerical ability of a 5 year old. 🙁 (MrHudson)

2. Just to note Fearless, it’s never too late for contact lenses!
Just got out the opticians.. He said i need to wear glasses from now or my eyes will get worse.. I’ma start rocking glasses now snm#Swag (FEARLESSDUKUMAN)

3. You’ve got your friends, got the night, you’ll be alright Travie.
Nothing is Sacred anymore, some scumbag recorded me playing demos for friends and leaked them #dieslow I have a good idea. (TravieMcCoy)

4. Unlike kicking it in the backseat, were pretty sure that this time round Legacy (New Boyz) was in the frontseat.
Just left the Homie @treysongz concert in London, killin shit overseas! Good shit

5. Basketball players are always catching Alexandra Burke’s eye’s.
Dwyane Wade and LeBron James are amazing players!!! Ruling my life right now ! (alexandramusic)

6. Cleo Sol might not have enough of the correct garms but you won’t see tears fall from her eyes.
Yesterday’s hot weather made me realise I don’t have many shorts, skirts or dresses, I have crop tops, vests and t-shirts in abundance tho (cleosol)

7. How nice that Donaeo appreciates the so fly weather.
We have definitely been blessed wit beautiful weather these past couple of days. I hope ur taking advantage u know wat England is like lol (Donaeo)

8. Nicole Scherzinger is treated by her baby love Lewis Hamilton.
My boyfriend got me the new ipad2..Its Ah-mazing! Pretty spectacular! LUV the notes, 4 keeping organized, plus I’ve such a short term memory! (NicoleScherzy)

9. Maybe Shola Ama doesn’t realise that he must need somebody too.
Just picked up my sons friend to take them cinema, when we get in the car he pulls out a mobile and asks for my number! Lol Wtf?.he’s 8 btw! (SholaAma)

10. Next time on Usher’s tour, everyone look for Talay Riley!
I wasn’t even well when I did the Usher Tour! Lol next time I’ll be 100% and go very in lol (TalayRiley)

Words by Melek Derebeyli