A round up of the weeks most flavoursome tweets. Who’s been making use of the Easter holidays and who’s been living it up in London Town.

1. Esmée Denters admits she has a case of insomnia.
Insomnia who’s still up? (esmeeworld)

2. Easter time is Kelly Rowland’s motivation for eating.
Happy Easter EVERYONE!!!!!!!!! I’m eating WHATEVER I want today! You know how it is when you’re around fam!!!!! MMMMMMMMMM (KELLYROWLAND)

3. Example goes quietly.
I’m switching my phone off. If I don’t respond to your tweets or texts people I’m not ignoring you. I’m gonna eat steak and watch Scream 4 (example)

4. Buying clothes for Easter Sunday has always been just another day for Ray J and Brandy in paradise.
I remember when I was little me & @4everbrandy used to go to downtown La and get Easter clothes to wear on Sunday lol…#HappyEaster (RayJ)

5. It would be good if you could fill us in with a reason for the disappearing act Mr Craig David!
Oh London how I’ve missed you! (CraigDavid)

6. Kylie Minogue just wants tomorrow to be better than today.
Dear Weather Gods….Please, please, PLEASE can London always be like this??!! #wishfulthinking (kylieminogue)

7. Tom (The Wanted) loses his mind after announcing the wrong city on tour.
Ohh and sorry to everyone tonight when I said “glasgow” instead of edinburgh.. #whatadick! (TomTheWanted)

8. Keyshia Cole could take us away to Vegas any day.
Just landed in Vegas. Me and my Fam, just enjoying time. Momma Gib coming tomorrow in the pm… 2 gmaws… Yup Yup. (keyshiacole)

9. If there was any justice in the world, Lemar would have stopped this animal cruelty.
Saw a dog wearing a skirt today…. Hmmm ???? (Looked happy enough) :-/ (officiallemar)

10. Heidi (sugababes) gets sexy with some Chanel.
Just treated myself to a new electric blue Chanel, it’s rather lovely! X (Heidi_range)

Words by Melek Derebeyli