A round up of the week’s most flavoursome tweets. Who’s spreading the love and who’s getting controversial. Let the tweets commence!

1. Quick before its get dark Mz Bratt!
I might just go home….I have a plane to catch :/ (BrattOnline)

2. Good that Jodie Connor lets it out instead of keeping it in her system.
Sometimes we only realise how important something or somebody is when something bad happens. Just can’t take anything for granted these days! (JodieConnor)

3. Only if you catch a grenade for us Bruno Mars.
I know some of yall got that Bieber Fever. But what I really wanna know is… who’s tryna catch some of this MARS S.A.R.S?!?!? #eeeeeewwwww (BrunoMars)

4. It’s the good times Roll Deep are focussing on.
We’re working on lots of new music & video, we promise you were not just tweeting & eating swaggamuffins all day. Just so you all know lol (rolldeepuk)

5. Tyga sticks his deuces up at everything but two things.
Best Things in life are free. #Music&Love (Tyga)

6. Fiddy get’s just a lil’ bit inconsiderate regarding the Japanese earthquake.
Now they are saying they know its gonna hit the west coast damn (50cent)

7. Labrinth’s early night goes up in flames.
dunno why just felt the munchies from nowhere. In a kebab shop waiting for my order, was in my PJs ready 4 bed and now I’m in my local lol (Labrinthda1st)

8. No Willow! We think more like the 21st century girl.
London, was sooooooo AWESOME!!!!! They made me feel like I am the only girl in the world!! (OfficalWillow)

9. On winning an AMA, Preeya Kalidas crosses her heart and assures her fans.
The longest day finally home once again thank you for the support, love and all your messages. I’m going through all of them now! (PREEYAKALIDAS)

10. Some people want it all but Alicia Keys can do with just baby gear.
Children’s clothes can easily become an addiction! lol! (aliciakeys)

By Melek Derebeyli