We are giving away 5 copies of this new hilarious Twilight parody Breaking Wind part 1 and all you have to do is answer the following question correctly. Just have a read of the info below for a clue.

When is the DVD being released?

1) April 2nd 2012

2) June 3rd 2011

3) April 2nd 2020

If you got the answer in the bag then give your self a Pattinson on the back (Pardon the awful pun) and send answers to… [email protected]

The film follows Bella, who finds herself as the object of everyone’s affections: from an eerily Pattinson-esque Edward, Jacob the overweight but girthy werewolf, to Edward’s pint-sized (but oddly sinister) miniature alter ego Little Edward. Raunchy hilarity ensues when Bella’s life is threatened by the vengeful Victoria and her gang of blood sucking Vampire ‘Noobs’, and Edward and Jacob must put aside their differences to save her. Again.

Brought to you by Revolver Entertainment, directed by Craig Moss and starring Heather Ann Davis, Danny Trejo, Eric Callero, Emma Bell and Frank Pacheco, this tongue-in-cheek Twilight parody will appeal to Twi-hards and haters alike.

Due to be released on DVD on Monday 2nd April 2012, Breaking Wind offers some light relief to all those suffering from Twilight fatigue.