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That’s 90 minutes a day. The world’s largest dating app gives the inside scoop on how often millennials are swiping…

Over at the Badoo, they like to answer your burning questions, such as: “How do I start a conversation online?” “Why am I not getting many matches?” and “Wait, putting out really doesn’t get you, love?!” (unapologetic Friends reference)… But one question they get asked a LOT, is how much time do people really spend swiping for ‘the one’?

Well, your wish is their command as Badoo recently decided to survey 5000 of Britain’s millennials to find out. It turns out, users between the ages of 18-30 spend an astonishing 10 hours a week swiping left and right!

Ladies using the Badoo dating app

To break it down men and women are spending just under 90 minutes a day looking for love, with women logging on a staggering 10 times a day and men falling slightly behind at 9 times each day.

And it turns out Badoo’s UK users thumbs are the busiest on a Sunday around 7 pm… Now we know how these millennials are spending their Sunday evenings. Happy swiping!

See the full statistics below:

  • Best time to use app: Sunday evening (specifically at 7 pm)
  • Women spend 79 minutes a day on the app, 7.6 minutes each session
  • Men spend 85 minutes a day on the app, 9.7 minutes each session
  • Women logging onto the app 10 times a day and Men logging on 9 times a day
  • On average users spend 10 hours a week on the app