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Flying private is a luxury that not everyone thinks they can experience. However, it is becoming more and more accessible to us, especially with the help of expert companies such as Fast Private Jet!

Today, we’ll go over UK private jet hire, why it is such a sought-after luxury, and provide you with all of the information you need to get started.

Why Fly Private?

Demand for UK private jet travel is on the rise, and many factors are the reason behind this, including:

1. Safety

Private jets are a much safer alternative to conventional travel. Mainly, they reduce the passenger’s risk of exposure to Coronavirus, which is the main concern for many travellers in 2022.

Second, it eliminates security risks. When you fly private, that means only people you trust are on board so that you can feel safe and comfortable the whole flight.

2. Value

Private flight prices have been reduced by 30-50% in recent years. They are starting to close the gap on first-class or business-class seats on commercial flights.

Charter companies, fractional jet ownership, and jet card memberships allow travellers to fly privately on-demand without their jet’s astronomical purchase price and upkeep costs. Fast Private Jet is a charter company that allows you to charter a private flight using cryptocurrency.

3. Time 

Did you know that commercial fliers spend around 90 minutes at the airport for domestic flights and 3 hours for international flights? Private jet travel removes the excessive time wasted by waiting in lines as your flight will be ready whenever you want it to be.

Flying private allows passengers to arrive 15 minutes before departure and skip those pesky security and boarding lines. Business moguls and executives are extremely busy, and those wasted hours can mean money slipping through the cracks.

4. Privacy

Private travel offers unmatched privacy, hence the name. Making it the preferred mode of travel for celebrities, athletes, government figures, and other prominent personalities—private flights board from a separate terminal than commercial flights. Influential people appreciate this because it lets them have confidential conversations confidently, which would not be possible even on a first-class commercial flight.

5. Comfort and Amenities

Private jets feature outstanding amenities that are often far more luxurious than commercial airlines’ first-class suites. From spacious cabin space and plush leather seats to a bedroom and en-suite shower, private jets offer the finest in air travel for an exceptionally comfortable and relaxing flight.

Private flights also offer far superior catering options compared to commercial flights. The extra space due to fewer passengers allows for a much more efficient kitchen and bar that can be tailored to your wishes.

So if you dream about flying on a private jet, skipping the security lines, the crowds, and the cramped seats of flying with the masses—you have options, such as chartering a private jet or purchasing individual seats on a private flight.

Why Choose Fast Private Jet?

The best private jet hire in the UK is that by Fast Private Jet. They can get you anywhere via private flights, thanks to the power of crypto payments! But they are also the best choice for you for many other reasons, including:

1. Fewer fees

It’s no surprise that there are often additional fees to consider when paying for a private flight as fees are based on the currency rate between nations.

Every country has different currencies that do not all have the same value because there would be no need for them if they did.

But with cryptocurrencies, you don’t need to worry about these costs as they are the same everywhere worldwide.

2. Avoid payment delays

You will probably have experienced delays when making significant payments due to security policies, which means that large payments can take a few days to verify or process.

Bypass the banks’ approval process and get your payment validated with your consent.

That covers the basics of UK private Jet Hire but be sure to head over to Fast Private Jet for more information about the luxury of flying privately as well as more exact cost information. They will be happy to give you a quote or any additional information you may need.

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