‘They Hatin’ sees young UK rapper Nae reflect on the journey he has been on since releasing his debut single in 2019.

He explores the contrast between the success of his first two releases and the conflict this caused in his home scene, giving way to the title of the track. With a strong vocal delivery and a track that mirrors the dark themes that Nae addresses in the lyrics, ‘They Hatin’ is reminiscent of Drake circa 2013.

‘They Hatin’ will be the fourth single to come from Birmingham based rapper Nae. Known by his fans as King Nae, his last two releases have been played on BBC Introducing and ‘Illuminate’ has amassed over 11,000 streams on Spotify alone. Nae has collaborated with Tizzle and Breana Marin on his past singles as well as the producer Crank Lucas. Moving past the adversity he has faced, Nae’s ambition and drive shines through in his lyrics.

Nae’s latest single ‘They Hatin’ will be available on all streaming platforms on the 11th March.