Britons most poisonous spider, the false widow has force a school to close as secondary pupils at academy are told to stay away due to infestation

The Academy in, Gloucestershire, has shut it doors to all students and teachers to clear its buildings of potentially life-threatening – and rapidly multiplying – ‘false widows’.

It follows news that a pensioner was left fighting for his life after a false widow bite in Kent.

Millions of false widows, Britain’s most poisonous spider, are found across the UK and the population is growing.

Lets be clear, these spiders are only dangerous in a life threatening way if you have an allergy to them or you are a little baby so don’t over panic. However we thought we’d share our top tips on staying safe in the face of a spider attack!!

1) Pin Role your trousers – 90s street style might just save your life, stop those little rotters creeping up your trouser leg under your desk.

2) Carry a bird – Pirate costumes aren’t just for Halloween, strap a little spider muching birdie to your shoulder for close protection.


3) Zorbing that’s how we roll – forget the arachnid ridden bus and Zorber you way to school in a safe bubble.


4) Lynx the critters – perhaps the pungent small itself is enough to suffocate but add a match and you are the master.


5) Grow your crew – it worked in the walking dead. Get two spider buddies by your side and keep the others at bay.