Johnny Rambotas

New year, new start. Interview with Ultimate Fitness model winner interview with Johnny Rambotas…

Name: Johnny Rambotas
Age: 30
Occupation: Personal Trainer/ Performance Nutritionist

Johnny Rambotas

Why did you chose to compete in the Ultimate fitness model show?

I have competed in one of Renee’s shows before (Fit Factor) and it was great. I am a big fan of the fitness model category in general and felt the description of what the UFM was looking for was something I could relate to. Plus, who doesn’t want to be known as ‘The Ultimate Fitness Model?!’.

What did you find hardest about prep?

Finding the time to prep food is never easy and probably the hardest part for me. All that food prep makes the calorie restriction and multiple-day training seem easy. Ironically, it is probably the most important thing.

Johnny Rambotas

What do your friends and family think about the training and diet?

I think it varies depending on the people. Some people are impressed by the dedication, others think that I am crazy but luckily people close to me have been supportive as they know it is part of a greater goal.

How did you find show day? What were the other competitors like backstage?

The show day was awesome. Things ran very smoothly and everyone was really friendly backstage. It’s always great to meet like-minded people with shared goals and I am sure I will stay in touch with everyone I spoke to. Before going on stage people were helping each other out whether it was sharing food, sharing bands to pump up or giving each other last minute tips to help them on stage. It was a great experience indeed.

Johnny Rambotas

Did you have a diet coach?

Seeing as I am doing a Sport and Exercise Nutrition MSc and my dissertation is on comp prep diets I thought it best that I should prep myself!

Who is your dream physique?

Frank Zane

Top 5 training songs?

That’s a tough one! That completely depends on my mood and the type of training. During steady state I love to listen to audiobooks two bird and one stone and all that I like to call it  ‘Learning and Burning!’. But let me check the most played list on my phone!:

  • Guess who’s back – Fashawn
  • Garageskankfrestyle – Kano
  • Say To Me – WHTKD
  • Poor Swagg – Horseshoe gang
  • Y’all Ready Know – Slaughterhouse

What did you learn about yourself?

During prep I always learn how much I can really get done when I have less time (If that even makes sense!). Also, the time dedicated to oneself really helps you grow as a person. The time you get to think, reflect and grow during the endless hours of training (especially cardio) and pushing yourself to the limit really is a great learning curve.

Johnny Rambotas

Did you ever want to quit?

Quitting never crosses my mind.

If someone had never trained before, but wanted to compete after watching the Ultimate Fitness model show, what top 3 tips would you give them?

  • Give yourself enough time. Whether putting on muscle or dieting down, it is a long process/journey/lifestyle. Embrace it!
  • Don’t compare yourself to anyone else other than the person you see in the mirror. Just make sure you make that person better every day.
  • Follow @johnny.rambo for help with food, training and motivation 😉 

What supplements couldn’t you live without? 

Casein! I love to mix it with Greek yogurt before bed. It staves off any hunger pains, tastes great and it gives me something to look forward to all day!

Johnny Rambotas

If you could have lunch with anyone, past or present, who would it be and why?

Anyone? Jeez that’s so tough. Probably Mohammed Ali. That guy had a belief and an energy about him like no other. He was a man with a vision and it would be great to be able to ask the man himself what he thinks when I tell him ‘I am the greatest!’ (jokingly of course).

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