Millie George fitness model photos

New year, new start. Interview with Ultimate Fitness model winner interview with Millie George

Name: Millie George
Age: 20
Occupation: Fitness instructor/ recently qualified personal trainer. Also swim teach babies and pre school children 🙂

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Why did you chose to compete in the Ultimate fitness model show?

I chose to compete in the ultimate fitness model competition as this was my first ever time competing, for me I’m more of a softer body type to which I thought this comp was perfect and it had the modelling side to it as well!

What did you find hardest about prep?

For me hardest thing about prep was late night cravings, biscuits and chocolate!

What do your friends and family think about the training and diet?

My friends and family were so supportive throughout my whole prep helping to keep me on track and encouraging me! Training wise, I wake up and look forward to training everyday so it a good goal to keep me motivated!

Millie George fitness model photos

How did you find show day? What were the other competitors like backstage?

On the day I was so nervous, literally trembling! Renee was so helpful and supportive which settled my nerves! The other girls were so friendly I was taken under their wing! Back stage was fun, meeting all of the other girls and getting advise. The guys referred our dressing rooms to a slumber party as we were having such a laugh!

Did you have a diet coach?

I did have a diet coach, a friend and training partner Bradley Collier who is amazing! I’m quite a fussy eater with a few allergies so he catered perfectly to all of my dietary needs. Compared to other plans I have seen it wasn’t extremely difficult which made my prep fun, I rather enjoyed keeping clean but having a variety of foods.

Millie George fitness model photos

Who is your dream physique?

My dream physique would have to be Amanda Lee or Heidi Somers known as buff bunny, they are incredible!

Top 5 training songs?


  • Wile out – Miss dynamite
  • Ti l collapse – Eminem
  • Skrillex – Bangerg
  • Get busy – Sean Paul
  • Work out- J cole

What did you learn about yourself?

I have learnt so much about from just doing this one competition. I am definitely going to go down the competing pathway, I got such a buzz and adrenaline rush it was insane!

Millie George fitness model photos

Did you ever want to quit?

To be honest I have never felt like quitting, once I have something in my mind I am determined to get it completed and I’ll push through any barrier that comes my way. Having said that.. 2 weeks before the show I went away for a girls weekend to Newcastle for my best friends 21st birthday, being on prep I was unable to drink any alcohol or have any fancy food. That was the toughest for me as I do love to let me hair down with my girls! It was all worth it in the end.

If someone had never trained before, but wanted to compete after watching the Ultimate Fitness model show, what top 3 tips would you give them?

Don’t overthink it, stress out about it. Get in a good training pattern and you won’t look back. I decided pretty last minute about competing (about 2 months before) which for me was frightening as I’m a bit of a worrier. At the end of the day you have nothing to lose!

Millie George fitness model photos

What supplements couldn’t you live without? 

Supplements I couldn’t live without- I’m not the wildest supplement taster haha, I need to expand my variety so I stick to what I know which is, Impact whey protein, great after a heavy workout to repair and restore my muscles. The choice of shakes are incredible and they taste so good! Carmel coffee for the coffee lovers with a sweet tooth. Micellar Casein which I have at night, I feel feeds my muscles over night when they are not recovering any nutrients from food.

If you could have lunch with anyone, past or present, who would it be and why?

My ideal lunch would be a nice steak restaurant with Beyoncé. The reasons being… I love a nice steak or burger! She is a strong, independent very successful women as well as being visually stunning. She seems so down to earth and is very family orientated like myself!

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