There is no person better to ask advice from than someone who’s already done it. That’s why, when it came to compiling these Ten Top Tips for Retirement, we decided to ask some of our retired friends and colleagues.

Here’s what they told us.

Tip 1. Keep An Eye Out For Investments With Predictable Income

You might have a sound financial plan for the first few years of retirement, but how’s that going to perform five or ten years into it? Look out for investments that provide a predictable income, but also remember that they’ll likely have a lower return than less predictable ones.

Tip 2. Factor Inflation Into Your Plans

A rising cost of living is simply a fact of life, and it’s something you need to factor into your retirement plans. 

Tip 3. Discuss Your Retirement With Your Partner

In the same way you would discuss any other significant financial decision, you should share your pension plans with your partner. Having this discussion will ensure you are both on the same page regarding retirement lifestyle and aspirations.

Tip 4. Keep Yourself Physically Fit

Your physical health is as important as your financial fitness, especially given the high costs of healthcare. These costs often get overlooked, and when they come around, they can be a considerable strain on retirement funds. 

Tip 5. Stick to a Budget

To set a realistic budget, you need to know how much you have available to spend. However, most people don’t work out what this figure will be for their retirement.

If you need assistance in calculating your retirement spending, you might want to consider enlisting the help of an investment professional. These experts can give you the insight you need to help you remain on track with your retirement plans, leading to our next tip.

Tip 6. Speak With an Investment Professional

Just as you would go to a specialist for dental or medical reasons, you should also seek professional advice regarding your investments’ health. The best way to find a good one is through a referral from a friend or relative.

Tip 7. Beware of Spiralling Travel Costs

You might have big plans for traveling during your retirement, but the cost of reaching those far-off lands is cheaper when you’re younger and more mobile. Get rid of some of that wanderlust before you retire. When you travel, try to maintain the same thrift that you do at home.

Tip 8. Get Your Mortgage Paid Off

Housing is one of the most significant living expenses. Having your mortgage paid off will not only provide you with a feeling of security, but it dramatically reduces your monthly outgoings. 

Tip 9. Keep Working For a Bit Longer

One sure way of ensuring you’ve got some extra money for retirement is to keep working for a bit longer. Even a few additional years of contributions into your pension pot can make a significant difference. It may not be your ideal situation, but it can provide you with more comfort in the long run.

Tip 10. Expect More Spending Than You’d Planned

Even the most thorough planning seems to come up short when it comes down to implementing your retirement spending plans. Inflation will increase the cost of living, taxation levels can change, and utility bills can soar unexpectedly. Expect these things to happen, and try to roll with it when they do.


Your retirement may be a long way off, or it may only be around the corner. Regardless of when you move into the post-working phase of your life, there are things you can do to make your retirement a bit more comfortable. 

Hopefully, these Ten Top Tips for Retirement will help you prepare for and enjoy your time when you come to retire. If you are thinking about your pension, consider using a regulated pensions specialist such as Portafina or, view the advice at Pension Wise.