Woman with red hair, wearing black sunglasses sitting on a chair

Wanting to look your best isn’t just about how other people perceive you or even how you perceive yourself, making the most of your appearance will often make you feel better and more confident on the inside, and the outside.

Hair loss and thinning hair are natural parts of ageing, especially for men, as well as being a sign of poor nutrition or alopecia. When it comes to combatting hair loss, hair loss drugs such as finasteride can help to halt the progression of male pattern baldness. However, there are some things that you can do to help boost your hair’s health and vitality, some of which use products that you are likely to have at home.  If you are at home and want to add some bounce to your hair, check out these top tips.

You are what you eat – and so is your hair

Not all people who have thinning hair have a poor diet, and not all people with healthy hair have great diets but in general, the condition of your hair is a good indicator of your diet overall. Protein and good fats are the key here, which could be one of the reasons why people who live on a Mediterranean diet seem to have such great hair. A diet of oily fish, eggs, nuts, protein rich yoghurt and pulses will help you to eat your way to a healthy head of hair.


We all know that eggs are a great source of protein, which promotes repair and growth of muscles and bones, as well as playing an important role in the production of enzymes and hormones. Your hair relies on protein and without enough, it can seem lacklustre, thin, or brittle. The number of eggs that your hair will need for an egg treatment will depend on the length of your hair. For shorter hair, one beaten egg will be fine; for longer, you may want two or even three. Beat the eggs, apply the mixture to your scalp, leave for at least 15 minutes, and wash out.


Many people are aware that castor oil can promote longer, thicker eyelash growth, so it makes sense that different oils can help promote healthy hair, too. Packed with vital fatty acids, oil can improve the condition of your scalp and combat dry, itchy scalp, and other skin conditions that can leave your hair feeling a little flat. And we don’t just mean in your diet, we mean on your scalp! Castor oil, olive oil, coconut oil, aloe, and rosemary oil are all said to have hair-nourishing effects when applied directly to the scalp and massaged in. Simply pick your oil (or combination of oils), heat slightly if necessary to form a liquid, and apply to your scalp. Leave it for up to an hour before rinsing, shampooing, and continuing with your normal hair care routine.

Mix it up!

For the ultimate treat for your hair, mix an egg yolk with 20 ml of oil (olive, coconut, rosemary, castor – choose your favourite!) and 40 ml of warm water. Massage into your scalp and leave for half an hour before rinsing thoroughly.

  1. Massage – regular scalp massages won’t just keep you relaxed, they can help to stimulate hair growth, too.
  2. Products – if you suffer from fragile or thinning hair, then it is important that you use the right products. Choose a gentle shampoo and a deep conditioner. Using a leave-in conditioner and avoiding heat treatments, such as curling, straightening or hot blow drying can also help to preserve your locks.

While feeling good on the outside can certainly help you to feel better on the inside, too, it is not the be all and end all. If you are suffering from hair loss as the result of age or health complications, try to remember that your hair is not a reflection of you. In fact, it is entirely possible that the first thing that you notice when you look in the mirror is the last thing that anyone else sees; so try to embrace how you look today, even if you are trying to look better for yourself tomorrow.