Flavourmag will be embarking on a romantic journey to the ultimate Wellness destination of the Gran Canaria in June, with a microclimate averaging 24 degrees all year round and boasting some of the best spas in Europe, with affordable prices, we will destress and showcase all the best places to visit while on our trip.

One of our treatments will probably include the completely original way to unwind and destress, the Singing Balls.

singing balls 1

The incredible Singing Bowls Massage is an innovative treatment that allows you to focus on the soft sounds of the singing bowls as your mind becomes still, and the gentle vibrations invoke deep relaxation, loosen tensions and renew your energy. For those looking for a new experience – this is a must.

During a singing bowl massage, bowls are placed on or near the body and gently tapped with a felt mallet. The vibrations help release blockages in the body and release energy. This is the foundation for triggering self-healing and regeneration processes in the body.

Sound massage helps to alleviate stress, anxiety, physical tension and muscular strain, also helping to stabilise the body’s energy centres known as Chakras. Thought to have originated in the pre-Buddhist Tibetan Bon culture, singing bowls are used in Nepal, India, Japan, Korea and China and are considered to be a great healing power and listening to their sound can bring ‘enlightenment’. Each singing bowl has a different vibration and has traditionally been used to restore the flow of energy and enhance wellbeing.

The stylish and recently renovated 5-star Seaside Palm Beach Hotel, Gran Canaria, part of the Gran Canaria Wellness Association, is the perfect location to experience the amazing Singing Bowls Massage. Combined with the magnificent, natural beauty of the island of Gran Canaria and its all-year sunshine, this is a must for all those looking for a new experience and the perfect way to boost both body and soul.

The Seaside Palm Beach Spa & Wellness Hotel is part of the Gran Canaria Wellness Association. For more information visit www.grancanariawellness.com