As people go, Jade Forrester is pretty interesting. I’ve known her for a while now and she’s that girl about town that you always see kicking about in Dr Martins, an oversized camo jacket and statement beanie looking like a poster child for street style. However, there’s a lot more to her than her amazing dress sense.

Aside from living around the corner from me for most of her life, I only noticed her flair for designing after she posted a few outfits that she’d made up on her Instagram page. With a Rihanna/Azealia Banks type vibe and unique illustrations stitched onto her most recent creations her work caught my eye immediately.

The 19-year-old dropped out of sixth form after her first year to study fashion at North Nottinghamshire College and although she hails from a small town she’s not letting that stop her live her dreams. She may only be doing it as a hobby right now but it might well turn into something a bit more permanent in the very near future.


I asked her what or who influences her work.

‘The two pieces I’ve started making are mainly inspired by 90’s fashion, like Ashley Banks from the Fresh Prince or the Spice Girls show outfits. My all time favourite designers are Back, Vivienne Westwood, Jeremy Scott and Miu Miu. I suppose art is a big influence too. I love Sara Jimenez and Janelle Burger who are both freelance illustrators.

She seems to have a flair for crop-top and short/skirt combos so who does she have in mind when she’s designing?

‘I suppose the clothes I create reflect me. I make clothes for fun, confident yet creative girls who aren’t afraid to stand out.’

How did she decide that designing was something she may possibly want to turn into a career one day?

‘I got into designing when I finished my AS Levels because I knew it was more than a hobby. Initially all I did was draw the clothes I’d dream of making, but now I have the skills from College I can finally make them.

So what next for the young upcoming designer?

‘I will be studying Fashion Illustration at London College of Fashion in September as illustration has always been my number one passion, however that won’t stop me whipping up clothes for me, my friends and anyone that’s interested in them. Hopefully in the future I will be working as a freelance illustrator selling clothes on the side, maybe have my own store’.


Above: The outfits that Jade (middle) designed for her college fashion show.

It’s obvious that she’s dreaming big and why not? Everyone has to start somewhere! If you want to check out more about her clothes, influences or life in general check out her blog here.