A new campaign which aims to help young people work hard and achieve their goals is celebrating its launch with a free, fun packed day.

The campaign, The Urban Role Modelz is run by The Inner City Arts who work to inspire young people to pursue a career in media and entertainment. The Inner City Arts have partnered with ssuccessful youths, who have come from deprived backgrounds. These young people that live or lived in disadvantaged areas of London, have overcome life struggles to pursue their dreams and established themselves within the entertainment industry are deemed as Urban Role Modelz and are an inspiration to us all including the young people of today. Some of The Urban Role Modelz include UK rapper, Wretch 32, girl group RD, Femi Oyeniran and music producer T2.

They are starting their campaign with a free event titled Live Life, which will be held this weekend at The Waterman Theatre in Brentford.

The event is an outlet for young people to perform on the same stage as professionals, in aims of building confidence, tackling current youth agendas and inspiring & motivating young people to achieve.

This will be done through performances from dedicated young people, top dance acts, world touring singers and innovative performers.

World Hip Hop Dance Champions, Peridot will perform on the day as well as British singer Bluey Robinson. Kidulthood actor, Femi Oyeniran will also make a special appearance. Live Life will also be showcasing young fashion designers samples, a film screening and footage of interviews for the Urban Role Modelz Campaign.

The day will be covered by the community channel on virgin media, sky digital and free-view which will also broadcast nationally.

The need for this campaign is to set an example and inspire the masses. Some of The Urban Role Modelz had learning difficulties at school, which made their goals harder to achieve. The Inner City Arts believe that young people find it easier to relate to other young people, especially if they have common ground in regards to their upbringing, education and hobbies.

Find out more about the Urban Role Modelz Campaign here


By Rykesha Hudson