Think Taio Cruz meets Seal meets David Guetta. Infectious beats, meaningful lyrics and an unlikely combination that could explain just why DJs and music bloggers are hailing him the next big thing to hit the scene. WurlD gives a detailed breakdown of the track list for his new EP Evolution to be released in Summer 2013 and discusses working with R&B star Mario on his new album…

PictureofWurldFor the UK scene who haven’t heard of you before, how would you best describe your sound?
My sound is international, risky, with no boundaries. Every one of my songs set for release has a different and unexpected slant. I think my style could be best described as a fusion of music, I mix House with Bass and RnB, then a little bit of Rock. Critics will struggle to classify it under a genre, but I want that.

What inspired you to pursue a career in music?
It was always a very internal thing. No matter what part of the world I was growing up in I have always had this thing inside, a void I needed to fill. I realised it was with music. I constantly want to immerse myself; be involved and learn about what people are listening too.

With regards to key figures that inspired me, I’d have to say Michael Jackson, Boys II Men and Seal. But honestly, I’m just a great lover of music full stop. I admire any artist who does amazing work and can reach out to people in a positive way.

You are currently in the studio working on the new mini album Evolution. This seven song EP will be released in summer 2013. The first track “Beyond Our Dreams,” which we could definitely imagine being a club/dance track in the UK, has taken radio stations by storm in America. Can you give us a break down of some of the tracks from the EP?
This EP is going to be an introduction to who I am and what to expect from me as an artist.

“Beyond Our Dreams” is a House/Dance driven record, it’s hopeful. I wanted to create a track that was very positive. It’s about living beyond our dreams and nothing is more real than you and I. That’s the way positive minded people will think, living free and not being scared to hold back.

“Beautiful Sin” is one of those very experimental records. The style is also House driven. Its one of those songs which might take a little while for people to gravitate towards it, but it’s very atmospheric and dreamy. I’m curious to see how people respond.

“One More Night” has an Alternative/RnB vibe. It’s a vulnerable record. For me it describes when something isn’t going very well. Like if I was in a relationship that was on the rocks, and I was hoping for this one more night, that it will change everything. Basically asking a perfect woman to stay and put up with me.

“Alive” is a track about struggle. I recently released the video teaser. When I was in the mind frame of writing this record I wanted to make it more general. Everybody at some point in their lives will lose something or someone they care about the most. I wanted to describe the process of rejecting yourself, rejecting the world and putting yourself down because you loved something that has been taken forever. Alive is the moment when you realise, it’s time to let go and overcome the struggle and the pain. I think it’s very relatable.

“My Lady,” this one is simple. It’s an appreciation for women who you love and adore. This is a Motown track…think Doo Wop Doo Wop. I feel like this is my wedding song!

Wurld Promo Hi-res“Places” is the last track I recorded for the EP; it’s a different level of emotion. I’m describing being somewhere I have never been before with anybody. Nothing I could ever have imagined or felt. I can’t wait to put this record out; I think it will be a lot of peoples favourite.

Going by the track list alone it appears there are a lot of relationship influences… Is that the sort of theme we should be expecting?
It really touches different aspects…appreciation, feeling hurt, wanting to save a relationship. When I started making dance/house records I wanted them to have a theme. I didn’t want the concepts and emotion to get lost behind the beat. I want my music to be relatable. People should be able to dance to the tracks but also sing along and feel connected in some way.

You are also a songwriter, producer and composer. We understand you have recently been writing for R&B star Mario. What can you tell us about this? Did he teach you anything?
Beginning as an artist and then going into song writing for a little period of time helped me develop myself into the artist I’m becoming every day.

Mario was in Atlanta, where I’m based, for about a month. I was asked along with some other songwriters to lock into Patchwork Studios and make some amazing records for his upcoming album. I feel blessed to be part of this new journey for him.Mario was great to be around because he is so hungry. In the sense that he has had vast success but feels like he is coming back as a new artist again. He has that drive to make music and prove himself. I learned no matter how much success you have as an artist, you have to keep going and reinventing yourself every day. That’s a motto I stand by, hence the EP name Evolution.

“Mario was great to be around because he is so hungry. In the sense that he has had vast success but feels like he is coming back as a new artist again.”

What can we expect from WurlD in 2013?
A lot of music. I have this crazy habit of hoarding my music because I’m a perfectionist. I have been holding onto Evolution for 2 years. I have come to a point where I’ve realised the time is now!

Words: Caroline Simionescu-Marin (@carolinesm)