While you want to be prepared when you are out and about, you also likely don’t want to carry around several pounds of items you never use.

There is a fine line between having too much and not having an essential item when you need it.

For Your Hands

You might want to have some lotion or petroleum jelly in your bag in case your hands or another part of your body are feeling too dry. Petroleum jelly is useful for removing makeup, preventing blisters, and a lip balm. Plus, it is useful as a body moisturizer. You can also keep some lotion in your bag in case your face or hands feel a little dry. Hand sanitiser is important to have as well, especially since you might not always be near a bathroom to wash your hands. You are always touching germs, whether it’s on public transportation, doorknobs, or even your phone. Of course, you should still wash your hands whenever you have the chance, but sanitiser can do in a pinch.

Something for You

Not everything in your bag has to be strictly utilitarian. You can also carry things that you simply enjoy using. Perhaps you enjoy using vaporizers. If that’s the case, you can shop a collection of portable vaporizers online that each has a wide variety of features. Headphones are helpful if you want to listen to something on your commute. And if you are in a public place, having headphones on can show you don’t want to be approached by a stranger for conversation. Hair elastics can be helpful too, even if you don’t have long hair. They can help with wardrobe malfunctions and other issues. If your hair is short or layered, you might want to add a few bobby pins to the mix as well.

Just in Case Items

It’s a good idea to have bandages around in case you get cut or even a blister. Plus, you can use them to prevent blisters from happening – they are perfect for preventing new shoes from rubbing your skin. And you will likely want to have some medication in your bag. This could be a prescription you rely on or even an over-the-counter pain reliever. That way, if you have a headache, you can quickly relieve it. You might want to keep a small package of tissues on hand as well. If you have allergies, you might already have a pack that you carry with you. But even if you don’t suffer from allergies, they can still be useful to clean up a spill, offer a friend, or wipe your child’s sticky fingers.

If you have kids, have a healthy snack in your bag, such as nuts or something rich in protein. Then you won’t be tempted to purchase something at a vending machine. You should also have a portable phone charger on hand. These battery packs allow you to plug your phone in and charge it, right in your bag. That’s especially useful if your device doesn’t have a very long battery life anymore.

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