city of abacusV.V Brown’s complete 1st edition comic “The City of Abacus” is an interestingly dark story about a city taken over with total mind control by a machine named the MX-41.

Installed by the ruling Queen Viroses, the MX-41 leaves every citizen in the City of Abacus walking blind to reality and conformed to their surroundings. All but one citizen, Freeda, will be able to open their eyes. The realisation of their world is soon to be discovered.

In a long, twisted journey of surprise, rejection, incest, love, politics and mystery, COA delivers a mentally, as well as visually, thrilling experience in the modern comic era.

Last month, the graphic novel received positive vibes with a huge turnout at the launch night in East Londons Book Club. The evening showcased a vibrant exhibition of the comic book art.

In this video of the launch night, we also get an insight of COA from the writers V.V Brown and David Allain themselves: