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Matt Lanter stars as Edward Cullen’s character in the new Twilight parody “Vampires Suck”, releasing on Friday 15th October.

Matt Lanter, working along Chris Riggi (playing Taylor Lautner’s role) and Jenn Proske (Becca Crane), jumped at the chance to star as the Edward Cullen’s character.

“I just had to get on board,” Lanter says. “Let’s face it, Twilight is kind of an easy thing to make fun of.”

“Bring it on, bring it on,” Lanter taunted when asked about a Twilight fan backlash. “But honestly what’s been cool though is on Twitter and things like that, a lot of people have been really into it. A lot of Twilight fans have a good sense of humor about it and are saying they’re going to see it.”

“I’m making fun of Edward, not Rob Pattinson,” he said. “Rob seems like a cool guy and I’m sure he’s got a sense of humor about it.”

As for the incredible popularity that vampires hold for teenage girls, director Seltzer says, “They find something safe about the genre. There is an aspect of it that’s pure and that contains no sex. It’s the story of the Romeo and Juliet love affair, which has been around forever. Vampires are taboo and safe at the same time. The genre seems risqué and risky but it really is fairly safe for the girls who relate to the material. There’s no horror aspect to it whatsoever. So, we’re making a spoof about vampires but it is also a spoof of a romantic saga about a forbidden romance.

Selzter also defended the seriousness of the spoofiness with actor Jacob Lanter, who plays Taylor Lautner’s role: “Our guy is actually really ripped and worked really hard on it , too. It’s all real. There’s no makeup abs or anything like that.”

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Directors Friedberg and Seltzer have departed from their usual task of skewering multiple targets within each of their film parodies, opting instead for a single narrative about vampires in a small town. As Friedberg says, “We felt that there was so much meat on the bone [with vampire movies] that we didn’t need to go off the reservation and spoof other movies the way we usually do.

“There’s something really fun when you start thinking about vampires,” Friedberg continues. “They are all the rage now. We have a line in our script that says ‘In the ‘80’s coke was all the rage, the ‘90’s – grunge. Now it’s the era of vampires.’  It’s just super trendy.”

Friedberg and Seltzer are fans of the vampire genre that they so lovingly skewer. As Friedberg comments, “For us it holds true of ‘300’when we did ‘Meet the Spartans’, or ‘Date Movie’, where we sent up romantic comedies. We satirize or spoof those films that we are fans of ourselves. We don’t look down on them at all.”



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