@Nattymusic presents the Vibes and Pressure Shubeen, Vibes and Pressure’s Flagship event, which takes place every FIRST FRIDAY of the month. Check out the info below to find out what we have in store for you this month.


Doors open from: 8pm-3am

The price is nice at: £8 (£6 before 10)


Passing Clouds
1 Richmond Road
United Kingdom
E8 4AA

Mailing List:

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Upcoming Events:

Our next event is March 1st , please stay tuned for more information……

How to find us:

In the mean time, you can check us out at:

facebook: Natty Vap / Vibes & Pressure
website: www.nattymusic.com
email: [email protected]

Please make sure you arrive early to avoid disappointment.

Peace and Love from the Vibes and Pressure Family