Natty presents the Vibes and Pressure Shubeen, Vibes and Pressure’s Flagship event, which takes place every FIRST FRIDAY of the month. Check out the info below to find out what we have in store for you this month

Doors open from: 8pm-3am

The price is nice at: £8 (£6 before 10)

Passing Clouds
1 Richmond Road
United Kingdom
E8 4AA

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email: [email protected]

Please make sure you arrive early to avoid disappointment.

Peace and Love from the Vibes and Pressure Family



Babilondon is a London/based Reggae Roots band, and have been on the circuit since feb 2011!

The project was started by Zack Woolfson, whos always had a big passion for Roots and had some original songs he wanted to use. His love for Reggae is inspired by being born and raised in Portugal with a strong culture of sun, sea, and surf, and a reggae popularity (his first proper gigging band at the age of 16 was a roots reggae band).

His wonderful bandmates are all dear friends, as the whole band studied together upon arriving to London. They all have a special quirkiness, personality, and skill, which gives Babilondon a unique sound. Different rootical cultures include France, China, and Japan.

This time Babilondon and the rest of us will be celebrating their long waited EP launch!

check them out on:



Subajah Family based in London first came about in early 2010. They are a collective of 4 featured artists, Subajah, I Jah, Barry Dread and Iya Kneel, backed by a (6 – 10 piece) band called ‘Zion Tree’ featuring the Brassika Horns. Together, they are culturally diverse, conscious and a powerful collaboration of talent.

Subajah Family currently stand as one of UK’s foremost ‘New Generation’ Reggae/Dub collectives, bringing positive messages and vibes to the people. Expect Roots Reggae & Dub Culture coming to you from Urban London.

Website –
Facebook –
Twitter – @SubajahFamily


Barry Dread is a bassist/singer/songwriter born in London
a veteran in the business, has played bass with many of the reggae
greats and countless community artists.
A great singer in own right, releasing his 1st single Mothers cry in 1997
culminating to his wonderful album We need love in 2004
He’s soon to release his long awaited 2nd album Breadbasket coming soon!


Acoustic Sessions with NATTY + FRIENDS.


Nyabinghi performance by Ras Lawi and The Rebel Lions of Creation.

The Rebel Lions Of Creation consists of 7 members, Isis Star, Amen RaStar, I & Ideal, Ras Sensez, Lion I Rok, Ausar Natty Khu and Kurah FarI, All bringing their own personal vibration, and style to the table. The Rebel Lions specialize in conscious uplifting hip hop / reggae with a strong message, in order to move and wake up the people.

Drumming / Rasta Pasta + Ital Food / Nice vibes

Hosted By Cord the Seeker

DJ’s: DJ Matt – From the Prince Fatty DJ group.