First Haute Couture fashion show in Paris with Atelier Versace with the appearance of Kate Hudson & Goldie Hawn The Versace house opened the festivities of the haute couture week by presenting their show on Sunday evening in Paris, in the chamber of commerce and industry; a stone’s throw away from the Arc de Triomphe and the Champs Elysées. Whilst the cameras snapped away in front of Michelle Rodriguez, Kate Hudson and Goldie Hawn, the first few models appeared in tailoring and jumpsuits with cut outs, showing off a shoulder or the top of a bust.

The silhouette is long line and the body is celebrated across dresses that outline the women’s figures perfectly, in swaying couture that almost forms waves directly onto the skin. The palette revolved around red, white, black and vibrant blue, even if several models in powdered pink were worth taking a look at. Donatella Versace loves to add some sparkle with several rhinestones, embroidery and beads making these pieces even more exceptional, which are so sexy and so Versace…To note: the two last models worn in perfection by Eva Herzigova and Amber Valleta. Music from the show