Meet Eddie, Sonny and Té – three talented boys who recently shot to fame with their “original, fun and organic” songs on ITV1’s Britain’s Got Talent 2012. Since winning their fourth place spot on the show, the trio have hit the music scene in a big way – pulling in over 200,000 followers on Twitter. Check out The Loveable Rogues “Talking Monkeys” Flavourmag acoustic performance.

Check out our exclusive behind the scenes pics from The Loveable Rouges Flavour photo shoot below taken with the amazing Camera Awesome app at the iCandy Studios.

Camera Awesome App review

Do you ever get bored of your standard Iphone camera photos? They all come out looking roughly the same and there is never anything exciting about them. This is where Camera Awesome comes in. Camera Awesome offers a large selection of brilliant editing tools all in one app.

Once you have taken your photo the first stage in awesomizing your photo is using a slider which will increase sharpness and brightness. This will help improve those dark photos where the flash is just not good enough. There is also a transform option which allows you to cut your photo down to size. Deleting any unwanted empty space or backgrounds.

The second stage to awesomizing your photo is choosing from many different filters, textures and presets. These really add an extra edge to your photo helping to personalize them and make them unique. Once you have created the perfect photo you can then choose from a large selection of frames to add a perfect finish.

The app is free to download from the app store offering you a selection of 9 options from each category. The free app is fine for a small selection of photos but if you wish to use the app as your standard camera then I advise you to download the full app at £5.99. However if you are a casual photography just using your camera to snap a small range of photos then the free app should be fine.

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Behind the scenes images from the shoot used with Camera Awesome @awesomize



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