Sixty-one ways of saying « I love you ». Jean Paul Gaultier offers his own declarations of love in 61 haute couture models.

From the tuxedo to several jumpsuits with trick of the eye effects, paired with a jacket or with a skirt, the couturier’s vocabulary is found in each sublime model. A cardigan embroidered entirely from beads, and another a dress ending with fringing. Or even this dress in python regius and satin embroidered in crystals! The technical prowess combined with the creativity transforms the gowns into true sculptures. Those invited to do the show, and the fetish models of Jean Paul Gaultier bring the room to boiling point, whilst in the form of the final bouquet, Naomi Campbell finishes the show in beauty.

Interview: Jean Paul Gaultier: Sixty one outfits, sixty one models, of saying “yes” to get married because at the end of the day you don’t always have to wear a little white dress, with lace and everything, you can wear other things. Already my white is treated with a side that’s a little bit masculine/feminine, sometimes on the same piece, it’s a bit bipolar, which is to say on one side I have a little black gown, on the other side a dress in white taffeta exactly on the other side of the spectrum. A play of colours, but also a play on volumes, this play on the work, on a work of weaving and a new bust. I’m not going to talk a lot about these round conical centers, but I must say that it’s quite an interesting structure for clothes because it’s really all the construction of the profile, with all the play of corsets, the topstitching, the work on the under wiring. These are not pinstripes. This is embroidery because all the drop fronts are bows on a georgette dress. That really gives us clothes which fall, but which has a reason since it gives a certain weight, a certain hang to the clothes.