If you’re not yet acquainted with Kelz TBK, then ‘This Girl’ is a cleverly seductive and humorlessly addictive introduction, it’s an urban love song featuring the vocals of Vince Kidd who is by no means determined by his The Voice UK past.

Taken from Kelz TBK’s hugely anticipated mixtape ‘The Black Kupid II’ which will be released on June 24th for a free download, the track see’s both artists on top form with Kelz TBK throwing cheeky wordplay and amusing lyrics including “a** so fat I’m tryna work out it’s circumference,” “play my cards right, you’re the type of girl I’d deal with,” and ” addicted to you like coffee from costa ayeee!” It’s his mix of amusing, playful and sweet lyrics that can see him being on a level with Tinie Tempah, and we’re sure the lady in his life touched.

The black and white video was partly shot whilst on Vince Kidd’s ‘Sick Love’ tour last year and features Kelz TBK’s inspiration & one and only subject matter, that be his lady. We get to see the two performers doing what they love on stage, behind the scenes and in their downtime.

The track is infectious, soulful and just what we need for this up and down thing that we call summer, this is one to blast away your blues.

You can find out all you need to know about Kelz TBK here:


Written By Vanessa Carby @Oi_CARBY


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