Orlando in Numbers – An Infographic

Orlando! Home of Jaws, animal experiences, theme parks and shopping!

We’ve got this cool infographic from Ocean Holidays showcasing Orlando in numbers. The infographic shows a huge range of exciting reasons why you should visit Orlando, which you can see below, and we’ve picked three to tell you more about.

orlando in numbers

To begin, Orlando is home to 11 world-class theme parks. Yes, I said 11. I’m not quite sure why you would need that many theme parks all in one place, but it’s definitely a dream (that I didn’t think was even a dream for me) come true!

Whether you’re looking to kidnap a handsome Disney prince (or princess), check out some of the world’s largest gators and their delightful [see: predatory] smiles, or fulfil that life-long dream of becoming the next Harry Potter (or Voldemort if that’s the way you want to roll because come on, who wouldn’t want to be a ridiculously evil wizard who gets what he wants and hasn’t got a nose), Orlando may just be the place for you. Listen, I don’t know about you, but I was sold when I heard Harry Potter, where do I sign up?

Now if, on the off-chance you’re not a theme park person (I mean, they do have 11 so I’m sure you’d find at least one that would capture your interest otherwise I don’t know for you), the land also offers three shopping centres—as if you don’t get enough of that in Oxford Street (although, you won’t see me complaining). A delightful man on TripAdvisor proclaims one of the outlet shopping centres to be a ‘bloke’s nightmare’ and if it’s a blokes nightmare, ladies you just KNOW it’s a dream for you.

Finally, if none of the above interest you (gosh, you’re just really hard to please), and you’re someone who is “at one with the universe and environment around you”, then the city has over 100 beautifully maintained parks and more than 100 lakes. So you can have a picnic (and finally get that Summer tan the English sun doesn’t give you), do yoga (and find your zen as the world comes crashing down around you) or even go on that nature walk your partner (or mother) keeps telling you to go on (lol, yeah right).

All in all, Orlando comes with a range of different activities that you can do on your own, with friends and family or even with that stranger you met on the flight there.