Wanting to show off his versatility as an artist, ‘Player Vibes’ is the brand new album to come from Vito Lockwood.

“I didn’t wanna be put in a lane because I feel like I can make music in any lane in Hip-Hop,” explains Vito Lockwood, who was inspired by the different vibes he was getting whilst recording this project. The 12 track album also features guest vocals from Much Lauren on lead single ‘Where Da Party At’.

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Born in Chicago, Vito Lockwood fell in love with hip hop aged four and knew he was destined to be a rapper at just six years old. Inspired by Tupac, Jay Z and Kanye, Vito Lockwood started dropping tracks on YouTube when he was 16.

After taking a break from music when his son was born, Vito Lockwood is back with a vengeance. He has opened up his own store and has thrown himself into his music, wanting to be a role model for his son and show him that he should always follow his dreams.

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