The 2010 Video Music Awards red carpet brought the stars in some contrasting looks last night with the girls a bit more daring than the conservative boys. The show itself brought even more outrageous outfits with Gaga changing into a ‘meat suit’ to collect her award – let’s take a look!


Lady Gaga’s arrival dress and head gear certainly needed a helping hand or two.

Gaga has sold herself  like a pack of meat indeed. An image can speak a thousand words. In this case, one word through an acronym: WTF?

Audrina Partrige saved some much needed class for the evening with her dazzling diamante dress and strapped heels.

Come on Katy… you might be getting married and all but didn’t you have time to find a decent outfit? Looks like you just grabbed the “Ice Skating princess” in the costume shop and threw on any nearby sandals. Oh dear.

She had the time for a nail makeover dedicated to fiance and show host Russell Brand though!


Lady Gaga wasn’t the only one who brought feathers onto the red carpet, here Ciara struts her amazing figure in a lace/feather dress.


Eva Pingford has an excuse for that terrible thing. She’s a model!


Eminem and Rihanna side-pose together after performing “Love the way you lie”. Yes Riri, we love the way your stylist lied when they said you look amazing in that tacky dress and headband!

Rihanna’s off-stage gown was a bit more glamourous, whereas Nicki Minaj’s looks like she’s just stepped out of a low-budget sci-fi movie set.


Usher keeping it cool. Too cool to even smile.

Only NE-YO can pull off those glasses – he has the charisa and great smile!

Akon’s leather pants are cool but why is he wearing a woman’s necklace?

Taylor Swift in a maturer damsel-look this year – she also had some wise words for Kanye in her song apparently…

“Yo Kanye, I’m really happy for you, Imma let you finish – but red is the most occult colour of all time. Of all time!” Kanye West in an all red suit AND red sneakers? No one man should have all that power… oh wait, Gaga already has, sorry Kanye!