Iain Stirling love island

In a new video released, the voice of Love Island Iain Stirling is convinced by award-winning beauty journalist, Alice Hart-Davis, to try some of the A-List’s quirkiest new appearance-enhancing beauty treatments, in a bid to try something new and get as glam as the Love Island lot.

I’m ready to try something new, I’ve seen the Love Island lot looking fantastic, so it’s finally my turn to try out the latest beauty treatments…

In this entertaining video, you’ll watch Iain brave it through an Alumier chemical hand peel, an ultrasound facelift, a radiofrequency eye lift, and a laser thread vein removal on his nose!

The video supports first direct’s online campaign, encouraging Brits to take a small step outside of their comfort zones and try something new. When you switch to first direct you get £100 to try something new, or to do whatever you fancy.

Research* shows 57% of millennials like to pursue a life of challenge, novelty and change; and 80% feel it’s important for them to continue to develop new skills through life. However, a staggering 70% of London Millennials feel like they have never done anything exciting with their lives.

Joe Gordon, Head of first direct, said: “first direct has always attracted free-thinking customers, living unscripted lives. We’re here to help people release their ambitions and encourage them to be more adventurous – even if this is beauty treatments! We’re not here to tell you about the destination we’re here to help you take those first steps.