Its that time again, the all important choice we all have to make in order to decide who will run this country for the few years.

The political parties have turned up the heat on their campaigns, the politician’s are running up and down the country trying to bag those last on the fence voters. Who will you vote for? Are you undecided? is a not for profit organisation that encourages people to vote on policies, not personalities. You can go online and compare policies from each party in their own words, and make an informed decision about who to vote for at the 2015 general election.

Vote for policies have even launched a playful video which takes a funny look at politics by imagining what it would be like to interview party leaders as potential housemates.

Don’t delay, take a look at their website,┬áTake the survey, get the info you need to make an informed decision and then go out and vote. The results may surprise you!