Most people regard the wedding ring as the most crucial piece of jewelry you can give to your partner over the course of your life together; a truly cherished moment!

The wedding ring is considered to be a bond between the couple, signifying strength as a unit, for all eternity (usually!). It is important to select an everlasting ring that will remain classic and in vogue, however I ask, is this really possible? In a world where fashion and jewelry designs are changing every minute, how do we expect our wedding rings to remain stylish?

It is not out of place to either use your old ring or buy a new wedding ring for your vow renewals; both are completely acceptable! It’s really just a matter of choice for the couple, choices in which we will explore (hoping to make your decision simpler!).

In With the New?

Old rings can very easily risk looking out of date. In fact, I have never seen an old ring of yesteryears that can compete with today’s modern wedding ring, which are now made with increased quality and sophistication (like these gorgeous platinum engagement rings!). For example, take a look at the many available bespoke ring options and compare this to the popular designs years ago; I don’t need to tell you the result, do I?

It is also important to state here that buying a new wedding ring for your vow renewals will definitely usher in a new beginning – something you may be waiting for (anxiously)! In the heat of hard times in a marriage, renewing your love and starting fresh is literally what saves many marriages, and let’s face it, old rings don’t remind you of the happy future – they remind you of the challenging past.

Out With The Old?

On the other hand, the financial implication of buying a new wedding ring could be a turnoff for most couples, making the use of old rings more desirable for them. This is actually not a bad idea, as couples can actually focus more on the experience, save cost and observe their celebration in a “low key” way. There is also a feeling that using your old rings creates an atmosphere of undying love – much like your initial wedding ceremony! Yes, it is actually not easy to sustain love over a long period of time, just ask our many celebrities who renewed their vows!

I remember being in this situation years ago, where I was faced with these choices. I and my spouse bought brand new shimmering wedding rings, which I never regretted for a second. We were in no mood to flash our old wedding rings when we had options of getting a new design, due to our increased budget (and previous marital hardship, not to mention!). Our renewal ceremony was surprisingly romantic and I relish the moment even today!

As we have seen so far, buying a new wedding ring or using your old one to renew your vows is just a matter of choice, as both can work perfectly for you. However, I will favor buying a new one as the best option, as for many, it symbolizes a new beginning and chapter, which at the end of the day, is priceless!