young_voices_VV_BrownVV Brown recently headlined the Young Voices Concert in the 02 where school children were given the opportunity to sing alongside her on stage. “It’s nice to be a part of something where you are giving back to the community and raising money for charity. It’s something that’s a lot more spiritual and fulfilling. When you see thousands of children singing…it’s the most beautiful feeling ever.”

Young Voices Concert stages the largest children’s concerts in the world providing a great introduction to music for children. Boasting 13 years of establishment, Young Voices continues to grow and grow. Children are given the opportunity to sing in huge arenas alongside their idols. “I was into a lot of old music and indie bands as a kid,” says VV. “I would have loved the opportunity to get on stage and sing with Grace Jones or David Bowie!”

Young Voices covers a variety of music genres spanning the full spectrum from pop to indie – even classical. When asked if she was surprised that kids as young as 6 years old recognise her work, since VV is not widely known in the mainstream media due to her niche sound, VV shook her head emphatically; “Kids are so media savvy nowadays days, so I’m not surprised at all”. Previous celebrities to grace the stage includes X Factor winner Alexandra Burke. VV agrees the concept is a great one and gushes, “I was thrilled when I got asked to do it. It’s been the highlight of my year to be honest.”

Young Voices is not just about singing with a celebrity. It’s also a chance for children to perform on stage amongst their school friends with a celebrity audience. The main focus is on nurturing the creative talent of children.

If you or your school wants to get involved please visit

Words by Toya Berry