mob dealWe always knew that shopping with a friend was much more fun than shopping alone. Now it can bring even greater pleasure with the launch of Wahanda MobDeal, the crème de la crème of deals offering some irresistible bargain pampering if we shop together. Enjoy savings of up to 80% off health & beauty treats such as spa treatments, hair cuts, gym membership, teeth whitening, and yoga classes – a different unique deal every day!

It may sound too good to be true but when you see it with your own eyes on Wahanda’s daily MobDeal you will believe and be tempted. Make sure you sign up to wahanda’s MobDeal daily alerts visit where you will find unbeatable deals from a wide range of London’s top health, wellbeing and grooming establishments. It’s too good to keep to yourself so start tweeting and tell everyone…

  • A new deal goes live from midnight to midnight each day
  • The reason the deal is so amazing is thanks to the power of group or ‘mob’ buying. Wahanda negotiates special volume discounts with spas, gyms, salons and more
  • To make it work, a minimum number of sales has to be achieved per deal, this number varies by day and by deal
  • Once the minimum number of sales has been reached the deal officially goes ‘live’ and is available for the rest of the day for an unlimited number of people to purchase
  • If the minimum number isn’t reached on the day then nobody get’s the deal and no money is changed hands.

Words by Lea James