The famous Hollywood Walk of Fame run by the organisation PRS for Music just celebrated its 50th anniversary boasting a record number of 2,400 stars and royalties.

The huge number high profile names means that the walk is now 3 and a half miles long, showing off those who have made significant contribution to the film and recording industry, broadcast television and radio and live theatre.

At the moment PRS, are planning to add a sixth criteria – contribution to the music industry. But, with the Walk of Fame located in the US, many famous Britons are yet to be recognized.

The PRS Chairman Ellis Rich, says “the UK have an equally impressive track record with the artists who contribute to this deserving similar recognition…Injecting some ‘pizzazz’ into London on behalf of the whole of the UK should be embraced. And, what better time to consider it, when we are just two years away from the Olympics when London will be the centre of the world stage, so let’s celebrate our entertainment medal winners too.”

So right now there is a debate going on as to whether the UK should have its own Walk of Fame.  76% of the UK population say yes and would love to see West End honoring the Britons who have worked so hard in the entertainment industry.

Words by Melissa Lewars