Are you a budding entrepreneur? Are you constantly busy living the dream and doing as much as possible bring your dreams to fruition? Well its time to “Make Time” to read the Wall Street Journal.

The Wall Street Journal have launched “Make Time,” its new global brand campaign, which features ambitious, successful and intellectually curious readers who make time to read the Journal. Kicking off with Tory Burch, Chief Executive Officer, designer and philanthropist; Bill McDermott, Chief Executive Officer of SAP, entrepreneur and author; and, producer, entrepreneur and philanthropist, the Wall Street Journal is your one stop shop for all things including real-time business, financial and economic coverage, technology, global politics and policy, sports, culture, fashion, arts and entertainment.

The video above shows Tory Burch speaking on why she reads the Journal. Tory says,

I love WSJ magazine, it’s something that I really look forward to on Sunday mornings, even though it comes out on Saturday. When you think about how well they cover fashion, culture, music, art, it’s so interesting and they have such a fresh approach.

Below we see who states,

There’s just so much information out there in the world and what makes the Wall Street Journal different is their filter for the world’s information. Its like trying to swallow and drink the ocean without a tap. The Wall Street Journal is your tap.

Ms. Burch, Mr. McDermott, and represent the wide-ranging successes and interests of subscribers who reap the benefits of reading the Journal despite increasing demands on their time.

Additional Journal readers will be joining the “Make Time” campaign during its run, including Mike McCue, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Flipboard and Zhang Xin, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of SOHO China, the largest prime office real estate developer in China. Highlighting the value of making time to read the Journal, no matter how busy people are and confirming that subscribing to the Journal puts you in a community with other ambitious people who prioritize being at the top of their game. Its time to “Make Time” to read the Journal

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