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Join Angelic Diamonds, a stockist of the marquise engagement ring, as they advise on four methods you can use to let your other half know that after a few years of being together, you’re ready for him to ask for your hand in marriage…

1.    Become the go-to guy for your boyfriend

You should never allow your relationship to get to the point where you and your partner have assigned roles as a couple. It’s time that you become your other half’s go-to guy as well as girlfriend instead. If you’re constantly being left behind for the guys, then this is going to put a strain on his ability to propose and take you seriously.

Become invested in your boyfriend’s passions and hobbies, for instance, or plan to exercise in tandem. If you can be part of his whole life, rather than just someone he spends time with, then he’ll feel like you’re indispensable. Once you get to this point in your relationship, then he’ll feel like proposing, as he can’t spend his time without you!

Basically, make yourself indispensable. Be one of the lads as well as his girlfriend. When in Rome…

2.    Socialise with married couples more

Have you considered that your boyfriend may be anxious or worried about married life and that’s the reason he’s stalling on asking for your hand in marriage? Try to resolve this by hanging around with friends who are happily married, as well as family members who also have children. This will make him realise that you’re comfortable with him being around others in more serious relationships.

There is a risk that both the ups and downs of married life will be displayed the more you hang around with married couples. However, at the very least if should also get your boyfriend picturing a wonderful married life with you. Although men who have parents that are divorced sometimes struggle to trust this commitment, replacing negative feelings with positive ones in this type of environment may help to bring him around to your way of thinking.

3.    Show some tough love

One way to take your relationship to the next level could be with the approach of being cruel to be kind. If you don’t see your relationship heading in the right direction, and things are flatlining, try and find his pulse again by telling him you may move out.

This might be too harsh an approach for some though. If so, use a different approach and make a decision like changing careers or going out with your friends more and don’t ask for your partner’s advice beforehand. Although he knows that you’re always there for him, this will make him feel that he isn’t being as included as he should be, and he’ll start to wonder why. Keeping him on his toes in this way will make him realise that he needs to put the effort in (by proposing!) so that he can get your undivided effort and attention in the future.

4.    Just try some honesty

Have you simply tried having a talk with your boyfriend about where you envision your relationship going? It needn’t be an awkward conversation; just discuss with your partner why you want to get married and he should soon start to understand just how much he means to you. Sometimes people have the same fears and doubts within a relationship, but they are just too afraid to address them with each other. By talking about your future together, he’ll know that you want to be a part of it.