Halloween is upon us once again and HBO’s True Blood has given us plenty of inspiration on how to enjoy the freakishly festive day.

In case you haven’t watched it, True Blood is what most would call the ‘grown up version to Twilight’. Sookie Stackhouse, telepath and barmaid, is fascinated with the revelation that vampires do exist – and they have finally decided to announce it to the world. Never having an interview with a vampire before, (sorry) Sookies life is changed when Bill Compton strolls into her bar. At first, Sookie is delighted – even more so when she realises she cannot hear his thoughts. But before she knows it the blonde Louisiana lady is sucked into another world, where vampires, werewolves, shape shifters and witches are the norm. Some of them are good – some of them just want to rip Sookie’s head off.

Not only thrilling, complex and humourous, but True Blood has its fair balance of horror and romance (sometimes at the same time) with love rivals that you will fall in love with. It’s like team Edward/Jacob all over again, but dare I say it, better? Just in time for Halloween, you can get yourself the True Blood Season 1 – 3 Box Set, out on DVD and Blu – Ray. Beware – you may develop an addiction to vampires.

If you are holding a Halloween Hullaballoo this year and want some ideas on how to make it special, check out these tips from the True Blood masterminds. They’ll have you covered for creepy cocktails, special costumes and a themed playlist.

Happy Halloween!