You’ve seen the celebrities rocking a fab look, you’ve watched the fashion shows and read the magazine but want to know more about what it takes to be a successful stylist.

We provided fantastic training covering theoretical and practical aspects of fashion styling, including essential advice on how to break into this exciting industry.

Run by stylist to the stars Denise Brown (Kanye West, Ashley Walters, Mr Hudson) you will be introduced to the fundamental basics of fashion assisting which will enable you to eventually become a stylist in your own right.

Experienced in styling both menswear and women’s wear, Denise’s ever growing list of credits includes commercial, street and editorial fashion shoots, catwalks and video shoots. Denise possesses over 7 years of professional styling experience and her bubbly personality combined with her creative eye, Denise embodies all the charismatic qualities of a true fashionista and is available to pass her experience onto you.

What will you learn:

• Practical styling exercise – your look will be shot by a renowned fashion photographer which you can use as a test shot
• Fashion PR and it’s role to the stylist
• How to assist on fashion shoots
• How to build your styling portfolio
• Creating a stylist kit: what goes in it?
• Building your portfolio
• Working with clients, set etiquette do’s and don’ts
• Finding and keeping clients
• Finding fashion internships
• Marketing, branding and promoting your new business through social networking, blogs, PR

What do you need to bring?
Denise will bring clothes with her, but you also need to bring clothing and accessories to create your look on a female model. Size 8-10.

Workshop Date: 20 July 2012. 2-6pm

Location: south east London. Full location address given once your session has been booked.

Price: £45. This includes a photo of your look on a professional model for your portfolio.

See some of Denise’s work below.