RnB’s UK rising lady and Flavour Live’s exceptional performer Cherri V is back with her long awaited debut EP ‘Shades of Red’, which she performed in front of a packed audience at Flavour Live.

. The lady with the hottest voice in London right now has mastered up a collection with fresh, unique, up beat tracks, with a few sloppy ones thrown in there too. The lady in red has teamed up with renown producer Harmony aka H-Money on one track ‘Hard To Love You’, one of the tracks which stood out for me. The EP shows off Cherri’s versatile ability with various different tracks on there to supplement any listener’s ears.

Harmony is not the only famous face to prop up on the EP, production works are also featured by Dready and Davinche. Collaboration partners include a nice lineup of Shola Ama, J2K, Lady Leshurr and Angel. ‘Greedy Eyes’ is another track I took a huge liking to. The song title was the first thing which drew an interest to me, the less cliché sounding to ‘hungry eyes’. A track which compliments Cherri’s vocals to the max, you can hear the feeling and emotion through her voice in every word she sings.

The EP has already attracted interest by various figures in the music and radio industry including Chipmunk who described the EP as being “Major”. And Radio 1 DJ Jo Wiley provided the single word of “Amazing” on the subject of Cherri V’s latest project.

The first single from the EP Cherri V opted for is my favourite track ‘Hard To Love You’. The single has already been debuted on BBC Radio 1 and I’m sure that the singer/songwriter will receive a huge credit for the hugely triumphant EP. A definite red hot creation from the V!

‘Shades of Red’ is available to download free at

Words by Mele Derebeyli