The second and third episode of YouTube’s new music-based series ‘Steffi’ has today been unveiled. The urban drama stars Jasmine Breinburg, Jamal Edwards, Lee Boardman and Jade Ewen.

Describing her role, Jade recently told told us: “My character sings in the show, which was obviously one of the first things that made me take notice.” She also added: “I guess the thing that I liked about it was that it wasn’t like a cheesy or safe drama to do. It’s young and youthful, but it really does push the boundaries, which is quite cool.” If you missed it, click here to read our interview in full.

Steffi focuses on the rags to riches story of a gifted girl from a south London estate who’s thrown from obscurity and into stardom. In episode one, the drama kicked off with Steffi going from washing dishes to standing on stage and giving the performance of her life. The clip for episode two (above) sees Steffi taking it back to school, where it all began and the day she first fell for Pete.

But Lara and Kim are not impressed with the news – and she best watch out because Lara’s not about to let go off Pete that easily. Episode three is surrounds Steffi’s big break. Will she bottle it at her audition? Or will she bluster the biggest break of her life?