As we wait for Jessica Agombar’s upcoming Ep which is due out in July, she has given a taste of what is to come with her new song ‘Pree’in’.

We already featured Jessica Agombar in our ones to watch for 2015, we are delighted to see the release of her new video Pree’in! Being very quick witted with her words complimented by producers K-Gee (All Saints, Jessie J), this is a touch of Jessica’s influence of Reggae and Dancehall and serves as an ode to all women who pree’in on their exes, I mean we have all been there and done that!

The video was shot by Manga, proving he is more than just a member of the Grime collective!

Keep an eye out for the EP and and a debut London gig coming soon! And be sure to follow her below

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