In the wake of Nelson Mandela’s death, a documentary focusing on the early years of his iconic life has been released online by award-winning BAFTA producers and filmmakers Jacqueline Fox and Gerald Fox. The 25 minute long piece commemorates his recent death, portrays the absolute beauty and cultural richness of Qunu, the spiritual home of Mandela and the place where he will be taken for burial this Sunday, December 15.

It was Mandela’s personal struggles that lead Gerald and Jacqueline Fox in wanting to explore the tribal roots and deep-seated moral traditions that transformed “Mandela from a rural boy into the unique leader he later became.” Following Mr Mandela’s upbringing surrounded by tribal chieftains, warrior lords and village elders who instilled him with guidance and leadership that equipped him through his 27 year prison sentence on Robben Island, the unique film also presents a combination of striking images of the Transkei countryside, energetic dance sequences, amiable poems and voice-over readings from his own book Conversations with Myself.

Mandela: The World That Made Him presents archive footage of Mr Mandela, with the aim of shaping the true significance of the people and culture which lead to his ordain as South Africa’s first black President. The film, which has already picked up the popular Angel Film Award for Peace and Best Short Documentary at the Monaco International Film Festival, has received full support from The Nelson Mandela Foundation.

The website will be live streaming images from Qunu in the days leading up to Mandela’s funeral and also on the day itself.