The Harlem Shake is still sweeping the world. TV presenters Noel Edmonds and Davina McCall are among the latest stars to get involved in the craze.

On the set of his Channel 4 game show Deal or No Deal, Edmonds recorded his own version to the internet viral, and even managed to display a few stimulating dance moves while girating across the screen. Watch the Deal or No Deal Harlem Shake above.

Davina McCall also got down for her take on the dance viral, whilst filming her Sky1 show Got to Dance. The former Big Brother host can be seen dancing in an unfilled studio before being joined by members of the audience for her hilarious take on the 30-second clip.

Millions of other people are creating their versions to the YouTube craze. If you haven’t seen a Harlem Shake video before, it’s basically one person dancing and then lots of people joining in.  Take Davina (below) for an example.