Here’ s story about Richie

Since our teenage years we start to adore the stories about romantic criminals, charming bastards and adventurous cheaters because of their drive and saturation. Their world lies beyond the boundary of our understanding, and this is exactly why we love it and crave for it so desperately. The closest spot where we can get is while watching the movies like Runner-Runner – we feel ourselves immersed in the world which is so ardently desired by us.

The world of the Runner Runner movie starts from a story of a boy of tremendous aspirations and incomparable brilliance, whose name was Richie (Justin Timberlake). The boy is extremely short on budget and, plainly, is poor. But his ambitious and vane genius needs college education: he wanted to graduate from the most prestigious math school and become an honorable man, a scientist or an inventor. But the fate had its own plan about Richie and his marvelous talents. In the desperate search for money, Richie finds himself drawn into the dangerous world of online gambling, and since that very moment his life turns into a mad race. That is when the main action of the Runner-Runner essentially begins. Richie runs, runs like a madmen and he cannot stop. After losing once, he decides not to play safe anymore and to go all-in, sparing nothing and leaving no one behind. The vain and a bit irrational Richie travels to Costa Rica, where he hopes to battle one of the giants of online gambling for his power. But the aforesaid titanium (Ben Affleck), validly decides that the fight is senseless and embraces Richie as a comrade instead. He offers Richie a job he has never dreamed of, and Richie’s lif  becomes a Shambhala, and his every wish comes true with a single wave of his eyelashes. At these moments, the Runner – Runner movie transforms into a beautiful and mesmerizing fairy tale for adults, which is destined to never come true. But if it does, we have to pay for it an unreasonably high price, which sometimes can turn out to be our own life.

The Runner – Runner movie is an exciting, astounding thriller about passion, inconceivable risk and desperate affairs which dazzle the viewer not only with their recklessness and thoughtlessness, but also with some astonishing jackpot. Richie’s life will never be the same, but the question will remain until the premiere – will Richie be able to handle the race, will he maintain the required speed? Will he manage to run forward, even when the “forward” will cease to exist?